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Marcella Amar

Member of the Brazilian national team for 16 years during her swimming career.  Qualified and participated in two Pan American Games, two Latin Cups, World Cups, two World University Games, NCAA Div I Championships (200 fly, Texas 1995), Short and Long Course World Championships (Rio, 1996 and Barcelona 2003).

In the process, broke more than 30 Brazilian records (absolute and category), more than 50 State Records, 81 x state champion in multiple events, 3x medalist at the Swimming World Cup events (2x silver and 1x bronze in the 200 Fly), finalist at the short course world championships in Rio, 1995 and Pan American games in Santo Domingo, 2003.

Received the medal of sporting merit from the Brazilian Federal Government, Brasilia, 2003.

Graduated in Psychology and Nutrition from the University of Tennessee. Knoxville, TN.

Both diplomas were validated in Brazil by UniRio and UFRJ respectively (Nutrition and Psychology). Herbalist recognized by ABRATH. Has been working in the nutrition field for over 22 years with high-performance athletes and amateur athletes.


- Harvard Medical School: GI Motility & Brain-Gut Disorders: Evidence Vs. Consensus/24th Annual Course in Neurogastroenterology & Motility (2023).

- Stanford Medicine: Exercise Physiology (Feb.2022).

- Harvard Medicine: Sports Medicine 2022, Live Activity.

- Harvard Medical School (HMX Pro. Pharmacology Fund.).

Specializations, online:

- Imperial College, London: Immunology: The Immune System and Its Failures.

- UC San Diego: Drug Development Product Management.

- NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine): Science of Diet and Exercise.

Other 2:

- Rice University: Anatomy & Physiology: Regulation, Integration & Control.

- Johns Hopkins University: Evidence Based Toxicology.

- Duke University and Kilimanjaro C.Medical University College: Tropical Parasitology: Protozoans, worms, vectors and human diseases.

- Yale: Health Behavior Change: From Evidence to Action. 

- Israel Institute of Technology (Technion): Traditional Herbal Medicine in Suportive Cancer Care.

- University of Minnesota: Herbal Medicine.

- University of Florida: The Science of Training Young Athletes.

- Universitat de Barcelona: Alimentacion y Dietetica Para Una Vuelta al Mundo a Vela.

- St.Petersburg State University, Russia (Heart Physiology).

- Icahn Medicine Mount Sinai: Acute and Chronic Sinusitis; Comprehensive Review.

Other 3: 

- Nesta (Sports Nutriton Specialist).

- Spencer Instit: Sports Psychology coach.

Some of the most expressive patient results in 22 years of experience;

- 4 Olympic finalists.

- 1 Olympic semi finalist.

-24 World championships medalists.

-10 world champions (Olympic sports).

-02 Olympic medalists (2016, 2020).

-02 medalists at Youth Olympic Games.

-02 world record holders.

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