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Online Consultation:

- Consultation made in real time with the patient. The meal plan, as it is created/modified, is visible on the patient's computer or cell phone screen. Goals, lifestyle and preferences are taken into account.


When doing the diet in real time, it is possible to explain the reason for some specific options. The goal is to teach the patient how to better eat instead of leaving him stuck to a plan (without explanation).

- The return consultation is included in the bundle and is scheduled for up to 1 month after the first appointment.

- Please note that the competition/meet is not included in this package. 

- The meal plan is valid for 2 months. Food and supplementation for long workouts (if both are within the validity of the food plan).

- The measurement of % fat, lean mass and adipose mass is carried out using a validated protocol using circumferences or a specific bioimpedance device, if the patient already has one. It will only be necessary for the patient to have a simple scale (to measure weight) and a tape measure to measure some specific circumferences.


Value of package consisting of  1 individual online consultation +  1 individual online return  (except for Europe):


Brazil and Brazilian patients abroad:R$450.00 - BRL - Brazilian Real.

Europe:  EUR$ 40 (single consultation, no return consultation).

USA:US$ 92.00 (US Dollars).

To schedule an appointment: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM - 6PM (Brasilia time zone).

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